YouTuber Spotlight – Introduction

YouTuber Spolight Introduction - Samyoul Online

YouTuber Spotlight was an idea that I’d been thinking about for about a year however it wasn’t until about February 2012 that I felt I was in a position to start this series.

The propose of this series is to introduce the people that are subscribed to my YouTube channel to other people that I felt warranted their attention. In essence the series will look at a different youtuber and their channel per episode. We will look at what they do and why I think they are worth your consideration.

The main part of the series is the interview with the YouTuber themselves, a casual back an forth designed to get to know the people behind the videos. My hope is that the each episode will have roughly 10 minutes of interview, although this is only a guide and depending on the responses it could be more. One thing I want to avoid though are the interviews to be protracted and lacking structure, which will no doubt loose the attention of most people not avidly enthusiastic about the interviewee.

So far we’ve got 5 confirmed and co-operative YouTubers involved in the project, this was from a possible 8 but not everyone is able to commit to the time. I’m looking forward to dealing a few of my favourite people on Youtube and seeing what they’ve got to say, I’m also excited about where this series will be in a year or so’s time.

Until then I’ll update you about each person that we cover.

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