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By Samyoline, 2012/03/27 Comments Off Indie Game News

It’s been rumoured for weeks but this morning it was announced that Legend of Grimrock is finally available for pre-order through their website ahead of its release on 11th April ( 2012 ). However what’s most interesting is that the game is available via GOG.com ,… Read More »

By Samyoline, 2012/02/11 Comments Off Indie Game News

So do you want see some Legend of Grimrock on your own computer ? Well now you can get the sneakiest peak of the game and help the developers Almost Human Games, by downloading the compatibility test build of the… Read More »

By Samyoline, 2011/12/14 Comments Off Indie Game News

Almost Human have released another update to their up and coming game Legends of Grimrock, and as always it is looking amazing! Check out their brilliant “rotting warriors still patrolling their ancient guard posts”.   The more I see of… Read More »

By Samyoline, 2011/10/15 Comments Off Indie Game News

The guys behind Legend of Grimrock have released some information about their up and coming game’s magic system. We’ve put together a little video of the specifics they highlight. Please enjoy.